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Safe at Hopkins

All members of the Johns Hopkins community have a responsibility to behave professionally and foster a safe environment, whether you just started your time at Johns Hopkins, have moved up the ranks, or are in a leadership role. Professionalism can be defined as: each individual taking responsibility for his or her personal choices, decisions, and actions that consistently demonstrate respect, integrity, dignity, and ethical character to others.

Safe at Hopkins developed the Johns Hopkins Continuum of Disruptive Behaviors at Work to serve as a tool for identifying and talking about behaviors that are no longer professional—disruptive behaviors. Through the use of the continuum, general awareness materials, training, and this website, Safe at Hopkins is a proactive approach to support individuals impacted by concerning behaviors in the workplace and to prevent these behaviors from escalating.

Safe at Hopkins hears from people who are concerned about disruptive behaviors at work. We know that these behaviors can cause significant stress and lead to a greater risk of violence. Johns Hopkins is dedicated to protecting the safety and security of its faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors.

As a result, Safe at Hopkins offers several options to help you respond to disruptive behaviors in the workplace, including:

  • Immediately alerting Safe at Hopkins to threats or risks
  • Notifying Safe at Hopkins about non-urgent disruptive behaviors
  • Requesting that Safe at Hopkins provides a consultation to help you better understand disruptive behaviors and how to prevent them from escalating at work

The red, orange, and blue buttons will help you chose an appropriate response option. The Safe at Hopkins program manager will follow up as soon as possible, based on the severity of the risk.

Review this website to learn more about: