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About Us

Safe at Hopkins is an outgrowth of the Johns Hopkins Risk Assessment Team with a mission of preventing disruptive behaviors from escalating at work. Safe at Hopkins uses a collaborative approach to understand where disruptive behaviors are impacting the work climate and make recommendations for improvement. The guide for understanding all disruptive behavior is the Johns Hopkins Continuum of Disruptive Behaviors at Work. This tool helps level and understand behaviors in a consistent manner, and more importantly, it helps Safe at Hopkins make supportive recommendations for change, development, and early intervention of behaviors that can lead to risk or threats.

The Risk Assessment Team is a multidisciplinary group of leaders representing human resources/labor relations, student affairs deans and/or the vice dean for faculty, Security, JHU or JHHS Legal, and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) or the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program (JHSAP). This team is charged with responding to risk, threats, and immediate concerns, and functions as a recommending body to leadership and management, offering expertise and guidance to address risky behaviors among their faculty, staff, or student population.