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Response Options to Inapproriate & Disrespectful Behaviors

Awareness + Action = Prevention

All members of the Johns Hopkins community play a role in preventing disruptive behaviors at work from escalating. You see what happens in your work area or academic setting, which makes it easier to identify concerning or unusual behaviors. 

Each situation is different. Depending on what happens, the environment, and context in which the behavior occurs, different response options may be appropriate. Below are some response options to inappropriate and disrespectful behaviors.

Note it and remember

If someone has an unusual outburst of anger and this is out of character for that person, it may be appropriate to simply note it and remember it. There are times in every person’s personal and professional life when stress becomes overwhelming, and there may be an out of character reaction to a stressor for a brief moment. However, if this behavior continues or escalates, you may want to take action.

Talk about it with the other person

If someone uses a poor choice of words or seems agitated for some reason, it may be an appropriate response to ask “Is everything ok?” if you are comfortable doing so. That individual may not have anyone that they trust to talk to, and simply asking if they are okay may show support and deescalate the situation.

If you sense something, say something

Talk with your supervisor, manager, human resources, academic advisor or chair if a person or situation makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Share the events you observed and how they impacted your job or academic responsibilities. It may be important to note patterns and frequencies of behaviors.

Submit a report to Safe at Hopkins

Complete the Report Disruptive Behavior online form if you observe or experience behaviors of concern, such as bullying, stalking, domestic violence or acts of violence.

If you have concerns about your immediate safety or someone else’s, you should call Security or 911 immediately.