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How to Help a Coworker

If you know someone who may be involved in an abusive relationship and would like to show care and concern, take a supportive and non-presumptuous approach through conversation. If the person does not want to talk, indicate that you are concerned and are willing to offer a listening ear, but don’t pressure the person. You can also remind her or her him the free counseling resources available through the Faculty, Staff and and Student Assistance Programs (FASAP and JHSAP). If the first conversation doesn’t go as planned and you continue to see signs of concern, try again. The person will begin to understand that you are still focused on her or his well-being.

If you know of a controlling domestic/intimate partner relationship and are concerned about its effects on the workplace or academic environment, it is important to say something. Concerns may be elevated to a supervisor, manager, human resources/labor relations professional, student affairs/vice dean for faculty, FASAP, Security, or may be brought to Safe at Hopkins directly.