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Report a Threat or Risk

Members of the Johns Hopkins community are urged to report all observed or experienced behaviors of concern and acts of violence to an appropriate campus authority in a timely manner.

If you witness or know about a threatening behavior that indicates someone

  • Is at risk for becoming violent or
  • Has violated workplace or on campus violence policies,

it is very important that you let someone know immediately so that the Risk Assessment Team can be notified. Your supervisor, manager, academic advisor, human resources professional or security should notify a member of the multi-disciplinary risk assessment team either in person, by phone, or using the Report a Threat or Risk form below.

JHU and JHHS have adopted policies on workplace safety that call for a zero tolerance of violent behaviors, threats, bullying, intimidation, and any behavior of concern that contributes to an abusive work environment. Johns Hopkins will not tolerate verbal abuse; offensive conduct/behaviors which are intimidating, humiliating, or threatening; or hostile or violent acts on their campuses or in their programs. The policies apply to all faculty, staff, employees, and students at their respective institutions.

Reported behaviors of concern and acts of violence will be responded to and handled in a manner that respects the privacy of all involved. If warranted, a thorough, systematic, and consistent evaluation will be conducted with the Risk Assessment Team who investigates all reports and provides guidance to management.

Johns Hopkins will not permit employment-based retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, brings a complaint of disruptive behavior or act of violence, or who speaks as a witness in the investigation of a complaint.

If you submit the form below, you should see a webpage that thanks you for submitting your report. You should also receive an email to the address you provided letting you know we received your report. If you do not receive the email, we did not receive your report. Please try again or call 443-997-7000.

Report Threat or Risk Form

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