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For Faculty, Staff and Students

Increasingly, improper conduct enters the workplace and causes disruption. You may notice a range of disruptive behaviors in the workplace and academic setting, such as inappropriate and disrespectful actions, and even bullying or verbal threats. Safe at Hopkins has developed a proactive way to think about, talk about, and manage these behaviors.

It is important to understand that concerning behaviors left unchecked can escalate into violence. The Johns Hopkins Continuum of Disruptive Behaviors at Work is featured in brochures about preventing disruptive behaviors at work from escalating. They are available for download or in hard copy. If you would like printed copies, please use the blue Request Brochures button.

General Awareness Brochure for Employees

Brochure for Leaders

The Safe at Hopkins program manager is available to provide the following services to faculty, staff, and students:

You may contact Safe at Hopkins using the red, orange, and blue action buttons or calling 443-997-7000. If safety is an immediate concern, contact Security or 911.