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For Managers

Everyone has a role to foster a professional and safe work environment.

All members of the Johns Hopkins community have a responsibility to behave professionally and foster a safe environment, whether you just started your time at Johns Hopkins, have moved up the ranks, or are in a leadership role. Professionalism can be defined as: each individual taking responsibility for his or her personal choices, decisions, and actions that consistently demonstrate respect, integrity, dignity, and ethical character to others.

Knowing the available Johns Hopkins resources that support faculty, staff, and students can help inform the next steps you need to take to foster a professional and safe work environment.

The Johns Hopkins Continuum of Disruptive Behaviors is a tool for identifying and talking about behaviors that are no longer professional—disruptive behaviors.

Through the use of the continuum, general awareness materials, training, and this website, Safe at Hopkins is a proactive approach to support individuals impacted by concerning behaviors in the workplace and to prevent these behaviors from escalating.

Safe at Hopkins’ services include consultation, investigation, recommendations, and early intervention training for managers. The goal of these services is to raise awareness and standardize the ways in which we think and talk about disruptive behavior so that we can all respond consistently and proactively. Safe at Hopkins is committed to making recommendations that consider both supportive solutions and administrative action that are aligned with the severity of the concerns.

Johns Hopkins has an established risk assessment process to provide assistance in evaluating disruptive behavior and possible threats of violence. Representatives from Safe at Hopkins, human resources/labor relations, Security, JHU and JHHS legal, and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) work closely together as the Risk Assessment Team to assess violent, threatening, or disruptive activity in the workplace and provide guidance to management.

If you sense something, say something.

If you are aware of concerning behavior, please notify Safe at Hopkins or a member of the multidisciplinary Risk Assessment Team in person, by phone, or using the appropriate red, orange, or blue button to the right. The time for taking action is well before the point at which violence occurs. If you sense something, say something.