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Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) serves faculty and staff, offering:

  • Free and confidential professional support services for problems daily living and emotional well-being
  • Onsite crisis response and support for critical incidents
  • Disruptive behavior and risk assessment guidance and support to create a safe and healthy workplace
  • Special expertise in supporting professionals with impairment, substance abuse, or behavior challenges

FASAP clinicians consult with faculty, directors, and those in supervisory roles to help resolve interpersonal conflicts between coworkers. The office supports those who lead and manage employees in the midst of performance and interpersonal conduct problems who may be referred to FASAP for professional and problem-solving support.

FASAP is a good resource during difficult times and can assist you in understanding the normal response to grief and traumatic stress, as well as how to adopt positive coping strategies and foster resiliency.

Visit or call 443-997-7000 to get more information or make an appointment.