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Safe at Hopkins Program Manager

Safe at Hopkins has developed a proactive way to think about, talk about, and manage disruptive behaviors in the workplace before they escalate.

The Safe at Hopkins program manager is responsible for the overall coordination and management of all risk assessment processes, and administers the initiatives of Safe at Hopkins. The program manager is available to

  • Deliver training
  • Discuss concerns
  • Lend consultation
  • Manage reports of disruptive behavior
  • Investigate reports of bullying and disruptive behavior in the work and academic environment

The goal of these services is to raise awareness and standardize the ways in which we think and talk about disruptive behavior so that we can all respond consistently and proactively.

The best way to communicate with the Safe at Hopkins program manager is through the action buttons to the right. She will respond as soon as she can, based on the risk level of your communication.

If safety is an immediate concern, contact Security or 911.