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Workplace Risk Assessment Program Manager

The Workplace Risk Assessment program manager is responsible for the overall coordination and management of all administrative, operational, investigative, and research functions of the workplace risk assessment process. The Workplace Risk Assessment (WRA) program manager oversees the multidisciplinary team responsible for Safe at Hopkins initiatives. 

The WRA program manager is also responsible for the ongoing development, coordination, and management of incoming inquiries and investigations and responding to complaints involving:

The WRA program manager is available to:

The goal of these services is to raise awareness and standardize the ways in which we think and talk about disruptive behavior so that we can all respond consistently and proactively.

Awareness means understanding that behaviors left unchecked can escalate into violence.  If there is a behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t ignore it.  Take action well before the point at which violence might occur.  If you or someone you know is concerned about any of these behaviors, you may contact your supervisor or academic advisor, human resources manager, Security, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, or the Workplace Risk Assessment program manager at 410-955-2579 or .