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Immediate Supervisor

If you are concerned about behaviors that might escalate into violence, talk with your supervisor, manager, or academic advisor or chair. Share with him or her the events you observed and how they impacted your job or academic responsibilities. If your supervisor or manager is not available, you may make a report to human resources/labor relations. If your program advisor or director is not available, you may make a report to the appropriate dean for faculty or student affairs. If at any point safety is a concern, contact Security immediately or call 911.

After talking with your supervisor, manager, or academic advisor, he or she will contact the Workplace Risk Assessment program manager or the Risk Assessment Team (RATeam)—a multidisciplinary group of representatives from human resources/labor relations and/or the Deans’ Offices, Security, JHU and JHHS Legal, and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP). The supervisor or manager will complete the Management Intake Form which includes: 

  • Description of the event
  • Work history
  • Stressors
  • Work environment/management style
  • Baseline and acute “at-risk” behaviors

Management Intake Form

The RATeam will assist management in determining if certain behaviors indicate that someone is "at risk" for:

  • Violating policies that address violence in the workplace
  • Becoming violent
  • Behaving in ways that interferes with a safe, healthy, and secure work environment.

Typically, conducting a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment of risk is the best way to assist management in protecting everyone’s safety.