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Disruptive Behavior Reporting Form

I would like to make a report but NOT share my contact information.

I would like to make a report and share my contact information.

These online forms were developed for Johns Hopkins employees to report disruptive behaviors at work. If your immediate safety is at risk, call Campus Security or 911.

The first form allows you to report concerns without providing your name and contact information, if that is what you prefer. It is more helpful to us to receive reports of concern which include identifying information, however, if you are so concerned that you don’t wish to reveal your information, we still encourage you to make a report and document the concern. Your anonymous report may help us to identify trends over time. 

We cannot, however, make any promises about whether we will be able to act on limited information, because it is difficult to follow-up with the concerned parties and identify witnesses. Johns Hopkins will not permit employment-based retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, makes a complaint of disruptive behavior or act of violence, or who speaks as a witness in the investigation of a complaint.

Reports may be generated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once a report has been submitted, the Workplace Risk Assessment program manager will begin to follow-up within three (3) business days, based on the information that you provide.