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Risk Assessment Team

The Risk Assessment team (RATeam) is available upon request from management to assist in understanding certain types of conduct at work. 

Each division or entity of Johns Hopkins has a RATeam comprised of  a multidisciplinary group of representatives from human resources/labor relations and/or the Dean’s Office, Security, JHU or JHH/S Legal, and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP). As the primary liaison between management and the RATeam, human resources and/or the appropriate Dean’s Office maintains regular contact to provide policy interpretation and guidance to the RATeam and to assist management in evaluating and implementing recommended actions.  

The RATeam will assist management in determining if certain behaviors indicate that someone is "at risk" for:

  • Violating policies that address violence in the workplace
  • Becoming violent
  • Behaving in ways that interferes with a safe, healthy and secure work environment.

A supervisor or manager will complete the Management Intake Form which includes:

  • Description of the event
  • Work history
  • Stressors
  • Work environment/management style
  • Baseline and acute “at-risk” behaviors

Management Intake Form

Typically, conducting a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment of risk is the best way to assist management in protecting everyone’s safety. The effectiveness of the risk assessment process depends on the interactive and complementary expertise and functioning of RATeam members. As a result, the RATeam can provide support, guidance, and recommendations to management.