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You have a role to play in preventing disruptive behaviors from escalating at work. Know your resources and take action if you have a concern. In the spirit of prevention, members of the Johns Hopkins community are urged to reportall behaviors of concern and actual violence.

The foundation to a safe and secure environment is each person following the Johns Hopkins policies and exhibiting professionalism every day in the workplace and academic environment. A comprehensive risk management program includes awareness, prevention, response, referrals to resources, and communication between all levels of an organization.  Representatives from human resources/labor relations, Security, JHU and JHHS Legal, and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) work closely together to develop and implement policies and procedures that minimize the risk of violence at Johns Hopkins.

Awareness means understanding that behaviors left unchecked can escalate into violence. If there is a behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should report it to your supervisor or manager, human resources/labor relations, academic advisor or chair, or dean for faculty and students affairs. The time for taking action is well before the point at which violence occurs. If you sense something, say something! If you don’t, maybe no one else will.